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Designed for a wide range of stringent operating environments, they play a critical role in several process industries. Customised Velcrete castables are made with synthetic materials that are of consistent quality and are comfortably used in both conventional and modern installation techniques.

Sharadaa Velcrete Hi-performance Castables

Sharadaa Velcrete is premium product of Sharadaa, focussed at import substitution, as they are developed with overseas consultants and contain 80-100% raw materials imported from internationally reputed suppliers.


  • Foundry Ladles / Blast Furnace
  • DRI Kilns / Smoke Chamber
  • High Creep & Thermal Shock areas
  • Reheat Furnace Hearth & Roof
  • CFBC Boilers / Power Plants
  • Cement Kiln Nose Ring
  • Aluminium Melting furnaces
  • Mini Steel Plants / Tunnel kiln cars