Precast Prefired Refractory Shapes

Application Areas

STEEL – Well Blocks, Nozzles, EAF Delta, Launders, Impact Pad, Tundish Flow Control Devices, Lances, Darts, Ceramic Stones, Porous Plugs.

REHEAT / FORGING FURNACES – Hearth Blocks, Burner Blocks, Roof Systems.

FERROUS / NON-FERROUS – Launders, Ladles, Doors, Crucibles, Impact Resistant Blocks

PETRO CHEMICAL – Re-generator Tiles, Mullite, Burner Blocks

CEMENT – Kiln, Cooler Hood Blocks, Hanger Bricks

CERAMIC – Kiln Car Bottom, Burner Blocks, Insulation LTM Blocks


  • Manufactured under controlled conditions monitored by Refractory Engineers
  • Heat curing failures such as Explosive Steam Spalling, Development of Major / Micro / Mini cracks are totally eliminated
  • Evidencing the Guaranteed data sheet values in the final product
  • Combining advantages of Castables & Bricks
  • Shapes made of cement free self flow castables – Mullite Bonded for ultimate Creep, Abrasion Thermal Shock Resistant areas


  • Dimensional Tolerance ± 1mm
  • High Compressive Strengths – upto 2500 Kg/Cm2
  • High Abrasion / Impact Resistance
  • Better Resistance to Slag / Erosion / Creep / Thermal Shocks
  • Feasibility of shapes – 500 gms to 10 tons
  • Provision of metallic fibres
  • Higher Resistance to Alkali Attack
  • Adaptable to Acid /CO atmosphere
  • Eliminates heat curing at site