Low Thermal Mass Insulation for Energy Conservation

Low Thermal Mass Insulation Range for Energy Conservation

Sharadaa manufactures Ceramic Fiber Papers, Boards, Shapes and Textiles. Ceramic Fiber Boards and Shapes are light-weight, low-density rigid self-supporting insulation.

Boards and Shapes manufactured from Ceramic Fibers with both organic and inorganic binders and fillers, in vacuum forming process to improve handling strength and ensure board integrity at high service temperatures (Organic Binders burn out between temperatures of 450° and 600°). It provide excellent high temperature stability, low-thermal conductivity, good compressive strength.


  • Ceramic Fibre Boards
  • Ceramic Fibre Paper
  • Ceramic Fibre Shapes
  • Ceramic Fibre Rope
  • Insulating Boards
  • insulating Panels
  • Asbestos Free Mill Boards
  • Insulating Bricks