CFBC Boilers / PC Fired Boilers / Super Critical Boilers


  • Phospate Bonded Plastics / Castables
  • Abrasion Resistant Hi-performance Self Flow Castables
  • Silicon Carbide Low Cement Castables
  • Low Cement Gunning Castables
  • Vibro Cast Mullite Castables
  • Dense Low Cement Castables


  • Customised Precast Shapes Resistant to Thermal Shocks and Abrasion
  • Free Flowing Castables for Tube area
  • Phospate Bonded Castables / Ramming Mass
  • Plastics for Bedcoil Application in AFBC Boiler
  • Precast Burner Throat Refractory
  • Nano Bond for Spent Wash Boilers


  • Dense Castables : Roto Patch Standard / Premium
  • Insulation Castables : Ref Insul 4 / 11/Pourable
  • Vibrocast Products : Rotocrete
  • Free Flow Castables for Seal Box / Water Wall Tubes Applications
  • Rotoram for Ramming repairs

Design, Engnineering, Supply, Installation and Heat Curing with

• Phosphate Bonded Plastics
• Gel Bonded Castables
• Self Flow Castables
• Insulation Castables
• Insulating Boards, Papers & Shapes

• CFBC • AFBC • PC Fired
• Spent Wash / Biomass
• Super Critical • Waste to Energy


1. Plascrete R for water wall tubes to arrest intermediate tube puncture.
2. Plascrete SC (Silicon Carbide based Plastics) for higher thermal conductivity
3. Alkali Resistant Castables for Spent Wash Boilers.
4. Low Cement Gunning
5. Plastic Gunning
6. Pneumatic Ramming Solutions for
– Reduction of Refractory Installation Days
– Mistake / Failure Proofing / Safety Practices


  • Undertake Design, Supply Installation and Dry out of lining with total guarantees.
  • Equipped with Mixers / Vibrators / Gunniting Machines & Heat Curing Equipments.
  • Have carried out more than 120 Installations of WHRB Power Plant Duct lining with Total turnkey responsibilities, in Sponge Iron Plants.
  • Project Management Team experienced in CFBC Boiler and PC Boilers installations.