Velcrete Castables

Sharadaa Velcrete Hi-performance Castables

Sharadaa Velcrete is premium product of Sharadaa, focussed at import substitution, as they are developed with overseas consultants and contain 80-100% raw materials imported from internationally reputed suppliers.

European Engineering Powered by Indian Passion!

Designed for a wide range of stringent operating environments, they play a critical role in several process industries. Customised Velcrete castables are made with synthetic materials that are of consistent quality and are comfortably used in both conventional and modern installation techniques.


  • Foundry Ladles / Blast Furnace
  • DRI Kilns / Smoke Chamber
  • High Creep & Thermal Shock areas
  • Reheat Furnace Hearth & Roof
  • CFBC Boilers / Power Plants
  • Cement Kiln Nose Ring
  • Aluminium Melting furnaces
  • Mini Steel Plants / Tunnel kiln cars


Why Velcrete

  • Created in state-of-the-art plant
  • Rigorous Quality checks with meticulous documentation in modern lab
  • Technical inputs from European consultants
  • Well-trained personnel with rich product development experience
  • Disciplined installation backed by guarantees
  • Installation execution with imported Mixers / Gun /Pump / Systems
  • Customer Centric
  • User Friendly Design
  • Ultimate Performance in Resisting / Containing Heat / Thermal Shock / Abrasion / Creep / Alkali

The Range

  • Vibro Casting – Ultra high strength Abrasion Resistant Castables
  • Pumping / Shot Creting / Free Flowing Castables
  • Patching – Hot / Cold Atmospheres
  • Plastics / Ramming Mass
  • Runner Mass / Tap Hole Clay – Blast Furnace
  • Lances / Darts / Ladle Bottom Blocks
  • Foundry Ladle Castables and Custom made Precast Shapes
  • Low Rebound Low Cement Gunning Castables
  • Protective coatings
  • Accretion cum Abrasion resistant castables for DRI kilns
  • Free flow castables for high creep and thermal shock areas
  • Insulating castables with high strength/ high temperature
  • Castables/Blocks for Reheat furnace hearth and roof
  • Self flow / Rodding castables for CFBC Boilers
  • Abrasion Resistant Plastics for Power Plants
  • User-friendly Rodding castables for maintenance and thermal shock areas
  • Castables with unparalleled resistance to Thermal shocks and abrasion
  • New Mullite bonded castables for cement Kiln nose ring, Burner Pipe & SIC castables for smoke chamber
  • Low thermal mass system for Aluminium Melting furnaces and tunnel kiln cars
  • Ramming Mass, Castables, Precast Shapes for Mini Steel Plants